My Virtual Advantage was founded to meet the needs of small business owners. While many companies cater to larger businesses, resources are limited for the small business owner. Our services allow the entrepreneur to operate with the same advantages as larger companies at a fraction of the price.

Our services are available by the hour, so you only pay for the amount of time we work specifically with your company. Plus, there are no additional costs for basic equipment, office space or supplies. We provide everything needed to keep your company working smoothly. You are asked to provide any equipment or supplies that are specific to your company. Contact us for details.

All of our staff is based in the United States. Our assistants have extensive administrative experience in a variety of business areas and have a proven track record. We emphasize communication skills and a positive attitude for all of our employees.

Our web site services make it easy for small business owners to take full advantage of the internet. We will handle the entire development of your web site (with your input, of course), as well as maintaining your site, analyzing the statistics and monitoring the social media outlets.


Our Staff

Founder Andrea Smock began her professional career in the public relations field. After graduating from Marshall University's Page Pitt School of Journalism, she worked in the Charleston, WV, area designing newsletters, promoting events and other marketing activities.

She worked for more than 10 years in the public relations field and began to look for new challenges. She moved into the realm of technology. She worked as an Information Technology and Business Support Director for 12 years. In addition to working with computer systems and databases, she coordinated office support services, including 12 full-time staff members.  

In 2010, she began working full time as a web designer, which joined together her technical skills and creativity. In addition to providing website development and maintenance, Andrea worked with customers on other support services for their business. 

Doug Smock has a Bachelor's degree from Marshall University focusing on journalism. He has an Accounting minor and 25+ years as a newspaper editor and writer. For the past 12 years, he has covered a variety of sports, focusing on Marshall University teams.  He has a large group of dedicated followers on Twitter and his blog. He brings a wealth of writing and editing expertise to the business.

Operations Manager Rhonda Ferguson has a BS degree in Computer Management and Data Processing with a minor in Computer Science.  She has worked 18+ years in the varied fields of transportation/logistics, banking/mortgage, human resources and inventory process.  For the last 8 years she has been the Accounting Manager for an inventory distribution center for the railroads.  This position has rounded out her diverse skills set. 

In addition, Andrea has recruited others with a variety of specialties, including bookkeeping, taxes, editing and event planning. The My Virtual Advantage team is well rounded and ready to meet the challenges facing today's small businesses.