In today's fast-paced world, everyone has to do more in less time just to keep pace. Our virtual assistants can help keep your marketing efforts on track. By having an assistant, you can delegate some basic tasks, freeing you up to move your business forward. We help you get more done.

With our assistants, you only pay for the specific hours you need. If that's only 10 hours per week, that's all you'll pay. In addition, you won't have the added costs of work space, computer equipment and supplies. We provide all of the equipment needed, other than items specific to your industry.  

Some Common Tasks for a Virtual Assistant

The tasks our virtual assistants perform are as unique as our customers. While there are some areas that require someone onsite or someone in a more qualified capacity, many of the tasks busy executives spend time doing can be easily transitioned to an assistant. Just some ideas are listed below. This is by no means an all-inclusive list. Please contact us for more information about your specific situation.

  • • website updates
  • • blog posts
  • • Social Media (monitoring, updating)
  • • Internet Presence Management (search engine presence, other business listings)
  • • Writing, formatting and editing (reports, presentations, brochures)
  • • Newsletter development (electronic and paper)

Online Presence

In today's climate, your internet presence is a vital part of your marketing strategy. What are people saying about your business? If you don't know, you cannot address issues that may arise.

Where do your customers hang out online? Are they talking about your business? Is it positive? Our staff can help you find the answers to these questions and build a strategy to get the most from your online business.

We can make sure your business is registered with the search engines and other relevant websites so potential customers can find you quickly and easily.


Marketing Special Projects

While many of our assistants work with customers on a regular basis, they also work on special projects, both short- and long-term. Does your company need help with a special project? Maybe you only need assistance a few times each year. In either situation, virtual assistants provide the solution. We have assistants are experienced in most aspects of business. We specialize in helping you develop the perfect marketing pieces to compliment your website and other elements. Our expertise includes:

  • • Desktop Publishing (brochures, annual reports, newsletters)
  • • PowerPoint Development
  • • Writing and Editing
  • • Proofreading

Contact us for more information on our marketing support services.